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Membership of the GPDA is available to organisations and individuals that support the Objects of the Company as detailed in the GPDA Constitution  and have their Application ratified by the Board of the GPDA.

Application Form -view link

GPDA Constitution – view link

Application and Membership Fees
Member Class Admission Fee Annual Membership
Accredited Medical Deputising Service Members $2500 + GST $2000 + GST
Affiliated Members $1500 + GST $1500 + GST
Associated Members $500 + GST $500 + GST
Honorary Members  No fee  No fee
Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee is payable upon successful admission as a GPDA member and thereafter annually in advance on the 1st day of July each year. A member admitted after the 1stday of August in each year shall pay the proportion of the annual subscription remaining for the period calculated to the nearest month. Dues and levies will apply and the annual membership fee will be amended from time to time in accordance with the processes provided by the Constitution of the GPDA.